Revamping of HRBPs

HR Business Partner

An HR business partner is an experienced human resource professional who works directly with an organization’s senior leadership to develop and direct strategies that support the organization’s vision and goals. The HR business partner should make sure that the HR strategy is in flow with the organization’s overall business strategy, ensuring alignment with key areas such as mobile app development. HRBPs should be well-versed in multiple components of HR, as their role involves a wide range of activities for which they are often wrongly referred to as HR Generalists.

Be strategic, not administrative

HR Business Partners should not be focused on administrative roles but on strategic ones. An HR business partner should be included in conversations about the future, mission, and goals of an organization. A Strategic Business Partner while not being a part of the executive leadership, has a voice in their business conversations.

            An HRBP should have extensive knowledge of the overall business so that they can listen to issues and articulate solutions accordingly. An HRBP should act as a Crisis Manager and change manager who deals with significant crises like COVID in the past two years and also have to deal with minor crises like bulk employee resignations, disciplinary issues, and employees’ attitudes that don’t align with the organizational policies. An HRBP should also be a Coach who can guide the senior leadership by taking important decisions which may involve some tricky conversations.

            There are a lot of companies that misuse the role of an HR Business Partner. Apart from all the strategic roles, HR business partners should not be involved in the role of HR managers like hiring and interviewing staff, administering pay, benefits, and enforcing policies and practices. HRBPs have a hand in developing HR initiative and strategy that affects the whole organization.

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