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Are you getting an opportunity to prove yourself? Can you provide for yourself? Do you have a proper education? If yes, good for you. But unfortunately, it is not the case for every woman out there. For they need a little push or a little encouragement or a minuscule of motivation to reach out to their goals. And that’s what #makingHERwin is all about. Let us elaborate.

In this moment, let us all think of our families. Is the sister getting the same exposure and opportunities as the brother in a household? Does she have to ask for permission every time she has to take up a new sport or pursue a new career? If the answer to both these questions are “yes”, it’s time for a change. And that change is the crux of #makingHERwin.

Imagine a world around us where we make HER win without struggles, pain, or humiliation. We all have a role to play in making that happen and #makingHERwin. And trust us, when you make HER win, you win.

The campaign #makingHERwin is launched to create an ecosystem for every woman to win, realizing that it is very important for her to win.
Join us in #makingHERwin

#makingHERwin Optimistic Women Leader Program

  • A program designed for every women leader
  • Makes her understand her identity
  • Creates impact on her mindset
  • Helps her to understand her vision, potential, and purpose
  • Importance of relationship and creativity in achieving her purpose

#makingHERwin Community Empowerment Program

  • Activity based outbound training program covering every segment of the society
  • Help individuals and communities understand the importance of #makingHERwin
  • Program designed for families, group of friends, Society or apartments

#makingHERwin Campus Dialogues

  • Exclusive for students
  • Activity based program on #makingHERwin
  • Understanding inclusiveness
  • Winning together
  • Importance of HER winning

Ambassadors of #makingHERwin

Harrison Hudson

WordPress Dev.

Elizabeth Sofia

Software Dev.

Lucy Evelyn

Ui/UX Designer

Lucy Evelyn

Ui/UX Designer

Charlie Cooper

Graphics Designer

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