Rebranding – From Royals to Tycoons

Do you think rebranding is balderdash?

For everyone who thinks that here’s a flash news – the whole of England is rebranding to
welcome a fresh beginning. Prince Charles has become the King of England after the death of
longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September 2022. To honour his
excellency, the sovereign Kingdom is set to rebrand all of England. The coins, post boxes, the
Royal seal of approval, and the passports are being rebranded with King Charles’ face. It is
done to instil relevancy, adapt to the times, alter people’s perceptions, and change.

A company does not have to change its branding in all aspects but once you have reached the
3x/10x growth, it is wise to analyse and study the changes that have to be done to grow
further. Here are a few examples where brands have rebranded themselves to further their

Perception change: Brands are what people perceive – it is what they think your product
personifies for them. If you want to change the perception of your product, rebranding is the
way to go. For example, IBM was known for manufacturing computers. But when they
realised that they might get lost in the ocean of manufacturers, they introduced innovation
and bigger ideas as their brand identity. Rebranding changed IBM’s stance from being one
among a million to one in a million. It is also to be noted that IBM achieved this with
minimum changes in imagery.

Modernizing: Is it your goal to attract the new generation? If yes, then do what Dunkin’
Donuts did or what Dunkin’ did. Dunkin’ Donuts dropped the ‘donuts’ from their name to
modernize their brand and associate themselves with young people. With the brand’s
popularity and the famous tagline ‘America Runs on Dunkin‘’, it stayed in the donuts lane
and people never questioned their loyalty toward Dunkin’.

Fixing the reputation: If you are tagged with a bad reputation, immediate strategizing and
rebranding is the only way. McDonald’s went through an ungodly phase when it was
stigmatised for providing bad-quality meat and milkshakes. But McDonald’s changes its food
quality and conveyed the same with its visuals. It also shifted its packaging to eco-friendly
bags. It became the brand that cared and listened. And the burgers were as God intended –

Relevancy: If you are not relevant to your customers you might as well hang the closed sign
on your doors until you rebrand. Dabur had a reputation for being the brand for traditional,
long-haired women. With changing times and modern women emerging, the brand was
becoming irrelevant. They changed their brand identity with one campaign, ‘Brave and
Beautiful’ which associated women fighting cancer with Dabur and the rest as they is history.

Rebranding is not just about the visuals – logo, colour, font, etc – it is in the ideals which can
then be incorporated into the imagery. We, at Eucto, are filled with new ideas, strategies,
Digital marketing plans and so on to build brands with many tools.

Now the only question is how do we rebrand you?

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