A digital marketer’s role in a verified Twitter account

There is no doubt that social media platforms make businesses grow. Eucto is a digital marketing agency in chennai, Advises that you must have wondered or wondering what is the best platform for you to scale up your business. The single word answer is Twitter. Do you wanna know why and how? It’s not gonna be a single word answer. Read more to find out.

What if I say…

What if I say, a little blue check mark has the ability to show off your authenticity, authority, and can instill trust among your audience? These days, trust is not an easy asset to gain. Since trust is at the heart of any marketing strategy, a verified account makes you stand out from the huge crowd and will also help you by setting apart imposters and fake accounts.

Twitter is the flag bearer of digital marketing as it allows people to reach a broader audience by not so difficult methods.

The tick that tickles Digital Marketers

A verified account also invites instant attention among the users, which can make them want to engage with your brand. When you have a verified twitter account, your social media marketing efforts will not go down the drain because you will have a higher reach and engagement than a non-verified account. Hence Digital marketers will have a field day if they have the blue check mark in their twitter account.

What Twitter wants from you?

To provide your account with a verified symbol, twitter just wants three things from you. They want your account to be,

  • Authentic
  • Notable
  • Active

Twitter with Twitter

The word ‘Twitter’ basically means a series of high pitch sounds made by birds. As a Digital marketer, you would love to make people hear your voice. Apart from the identity of ‘Social media’, Twitter is also a micro-blogging site where people share out their thoughts in short form. In the fast-paced world we live in, people love to consume short content than longer and time-consuming ones. Crisp content combined with proper digital marketing campaigns will make sure shot sales like putting a nail in the coffin. To get the best out of twitter use short and provocative tweets, proper hashtags, compelling hooks to retweet, and a visually appealing image. Apart from these always have a link to your website in the bio.

The chances of tweets reaching the right target audience are minimal if you have a non-verified account. So, promoting your tweets can be a good way to reach the target audience, thereby squeezing the most out of your tweets.

Your leverage to become above average

If you still have the question, “why should I use twitter?” here is a quick knowledge transfer.

  • By spending some time, you can dig deeper into your client’s interests and create content according to them.
  • In twitter, people can’t skip the promotional content which gives you a higher probability to sell your product.
  • Twitter gives you the initial boost your tweet needed to reach a selected group of people via twitter ads.

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