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New age HR recruiting

Gone are the days when HR professionals used to call hundreds of potential candidates, post ad in newspapers, and online portals to fill up one position. Now as we live in the AI driven world, it will analyze the job description with the candidate’s profile and filter out the required number of candidates, who will meet the recruiter. Of course, this saves a lot of time in meeting with candidates, who will not fit the organization.

But AI has some shortcomings too. If there is a candidate with a weaker Resume, but technically skilled enough to work for the company, AI cannot possibly filter it out. Despite their shortcomings, AI will continue to grow in the coming years and will make an even bigger impact in talent acquisition.


Pros of AI recruiting

  • Since large number of Resumes can be analyzed within a short span of time, HR department can skip the admin work and concentrate on the higher priority activities.
  • AI provides a pool of higher quality candidates within a less period of time.
  • AI is hassle free and provides a smooth experience for the candidate going through the process.


Cons of AI recruiting

  • Since AI works on specific words, candidates can be left out when they use a different phrase to describe the right qualification. Also, there are candidates who play the system by finding out the proper keywords even when they don’t have the required qualifications.
  • There are certain things that can be known only by having a conversation with the candidate. For example: will they be suitable for the firms work culture? Is his/her attitude fine? Etc…
  • People often argue AI takes bias out of the equation. But certain AI tools reinforce bias by looking into the history of hiring of the company and select profiles according to them.
  • In 2018 Amazon’s AI learnt itself to downgrade applicants who have mentioned terms related to women.

The future is poised to rectify the cons and unlock the full potential of AI Recruitment, revolutionizing the landscape and providing unprecedented opportunities for all. Whether in web design company or other fields, the integration of AI in recruitment processes holds the promise of efficiency, inclusivity, and transformative advancements.

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