HR Business PartnerHow COVID influenced HR?

How COVID influenced HR?

How covid affected Hiring and retaining employees?  

Hiring is one of the toughest jobs in an organization. Searching and finding the right candidates are one of the key roles of the Human resource department. It is very common to see stats in 2021 that people are leaving their jobs due to lack of flexibility, health issues, and child care. The factors for resigning leads to a single thing called ‘Work Life balance’. For years, people’s life revolves around their work. They skipped family functions, birthday parties, and parents’ teachers’ meetings for work. After covid people realized that life is not predictable anymore and wants more on their life. This makes them want to concentrate more on their life. And when the firms can’t accept that, people decided to quit. American psychologist Anthony Klotz called this “The great resignation”. Many people started to do take their hobbies as their full-time jobs.

Every big event in history influenced people’s economic and work decisions. For example, during World War I when men went to the battle field, women kept the factories running, and during the great depression in Wall Street, people tried hard to cling on to their jobs. And finally, during the 1990s, people began switching jobs. Fast forward to 2020, a significant shift occurred as individuals started prioritizing their life over their work, ushering in an era where considerations such as work-life balance took center stage. This change was not only reflective of evolving societal values but also influenced the way industries, including website development companies, approached talent retention and employee well-being.

What this does to the Human resource department in a firm?

The HR department looks for dependable people who can work for the organization for more extended periods. When covid came, both dependency and longevity disappeared. This does the job of recruiting new candidates, a much bigger task. Most organizations around the world started retaining their employees. They don’t want to spend their time and money training a new candidate who may or may not stay as long as they wish. Instead, employers gave away impressive hikes to their star employees to retain them.

            In a cricket team, out of 11 players, six will form the core of the team and are hard to replace. The remaining five will be in and out of the group per the team’s needs. The same goes for any organization. In an organization of 50 workers, there will be around 20 of them who will form the core. No management will want them to leave as they know they are tough to replace. So, what they do is to try and retain them to the best of their ability.  


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