The corporate world is filled with controversial debates.

There are very few topics that still makes people’s head roll. One of them are creating strategic awareness. Making employees aware of the organization’s strategy is the most underrated thing. There are very few people (mostly form the leadership group) that are aware of the strategies made by the organization.

Research shows less than 5% of employees only know about the organization’s strategy.  Imagine you are the marketing lead of a product company. How would you let your customers know about a new product? Doing creative social media posts and hoping that they notice it and understand its benefits is not the only option.  Most companies have a well-defined plan to launch their products.They have various marketing campaigns to promote it. But, logically, the changes in behavior required for your employees to understand and execute the new strategy are far higher than your consumer’s understanding of your products. The communication of the organization’s goals to the employees through a proper channel goes a long way in building effective business transformation strategies.Developing a detailed communication plan covering all communication channels become a very essential part of the strategy implementation.

Source: Joseph N. Miniace and Elizabeth Falter, “Communication: A Key Factor in strategy Implementation”

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