Change doesn’t necessarily have to be positive

The world transforms every day. A great deal is in adapting to the changes and seeing us transform over time. The past few years have brought enormous changes to our lifestyle. Change doesn’t necessarily have to be positive. But when we change positively to the changing world, we are entitled to a new term called growth. Before the 1970s

The past several years have brought great change to everyday life, and people, as a result, have been compelled to shift their expectations more rapidly and completely than at any other time in history. Before 2020, who could’ve imagined that QR codes would replace paper menus? Or that picking up online-ordered groceries curbside would become more popular than going into the store?

On top of this customer, the shift is an ever-growing complexity across the marketing ecosystem that makes exceeding consumer expectations more difficult than ever. There is always a new technology to explore—augmented reality today, and tomorrow, the Metaverse. There is an explosion of channels to manage. There is endless data to analyze. Decades’ worth of digital disarray in marketing organizations keeps accumulating with more channels, touchpoints, and tools. And more work for marketers.

Navigating the complexity of customer and business demands is no small feat. For organizations to stay relevant for tomorrow, they must adapt to the ever-evolving needs of customers while accelerating real growth through change.

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