Patient Delight Model

Patient Delight Model

Whom to delight?

Healthcare sector has the most dynamic and emotionally charged environment due to the patients with different needs and mindsets.

A4 hospital & Fertility Center is no different as patients walk in with multiple requirements and greater expectations to become happy parents. At Eucto, we understood that it is imperative to delight these to be parents at every touch point (stations). This will not only result in delighting them but also will have a lasting impact on their treatments.

With advancements in technology in the health care sector, hospitals should quickly adapt the automation & digitalization model to simplify the routine checks and process to enable their people to focus more on the critical aspects of patient care.

To simply the processes, we, at A4FC laid done the key processes against each of the patient category, framed metrics for every stakeholder, and assigned Champions for each of these stations.

Clinical excellence, patient care & safety, communication and coordination are the key factors in delighting patients.  

Training aspects played a vital role in addressing this skill gap among the workforce which enhanced the patient experience and satisfaction levels.

“Treat your people well, for them to treat your customers better.”

As the saying goes, we took at most care of the people of A4FC. Right from, deploying and redeploying resources, providing them role clarity, making them understand the importance of delighting patients, training them on various aspects, engaging them with rewards & appreciations, we were instrumental in creating a “Patient First” culture at A4 Hospital & Fertility Center.

Business Impact:

-Increased patient flow

-Enhanced success rate

-Improvement in the patient delight score

-Highly Engaged workforce

A4 hospital and Fertility Centre is one of the best fertility centres in Chennai. They have three branches in the city with exclusive care for maternity, fertility, diabetes and urology.

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