Humans are entitled to change, whether they like it or not. Brands are subjected to change too. Change doesn’t necessarily have to be positive for the humans undergoing it. It can flip us in another direction and make us miserable. But when humans settle into a comfortable living condition, they look for positive change which can also be termed growth. Growth is experiencing the change that builds us and makes us better. The most primal aspects of the growth of a company are branding and marketing. Marketing makes your company reach the audience; branding makes the audience come back to the company for a second time. Every marketing agency should look into the brand before planning the marketing strategies.

Branding - A Historical Perspective

When did humans start branding their products and services?

Historians and archaeologists believe that human beings began branding their livestock to prevent theft. Egyptian tombs contain records of images that contain branding of cattle, which might have been a brand logo design for the kingdom clans. At that time poets, travellers and scholars served as the social influencers for the kings. But with time, humans have realized that the brand provided information about the origin & ownership and can serve as a test for quality.

Brand building has become the cornerstone for companies in the current world. The last two decades have brought enormous change in the branding world. The media has transformed to unbelievable extents and hence, the branding approach, branding method, and branding lifestyle. Creative agencies then never knew the role of SEO experts then. SEO strategy is a digital-specific means of branding. The basic ideas remain the same.

What keeps changing, and what remains constant? We will explore and find it.  

What is Branding?

Branding is the process of manifesting a positively impacting perception of a company in the customer’s psyche by incorporating elements such as a brand logo design, and taglines, and following a consistent feel and appeal throughout all forms of marketing communications. Branding is creating positive visibility for a company in the consumer’s psyche. Branding is not the logo, tagline, color, or font but a brand is a reputation that is built about the company in the customers. Branding is the impact that the customers have on the company. A brand is complete only when it reaches the customers. There are a million brands in the heads of a million customers. A company can initiate the brand into the customers. But the loop gets complete only when it forms a perspective in the customer’s mind.

Before knowing about building the brand, let’s get into the fundamentals of the branding process.

Theory of Brand Evolution

Brand Evolution is not Quantum Electrodynamics and achieving the right branding is deceptively simple. We have a flow of approaching a brand, getting to know about its uniqueness, incorporating proper means to make it visible among the public, and creating a liking in the people’s psyche. The five basic phases of brand building are Birth, Nurture, Extend Land, Extend Product, and Status, respectively.

  • The birth state is when we give the company logo design and taglines like we give meaning to our own lives.
  • The second step is Nurture where we should gain traction for the brand which is commercialization.
  • The third step is about creating a global appeal using the success that we attain in the second stage.
  • The fourth step is to establish the meaning of the brand to a wider market.
  • The fifth step is about creating aspirations for the consumers. At this step, we use our products to convey a symbol of status and aspirations thereby exceeding the function. Now we can tell exactly where the classical humans lost their game in branding.

Effective Branding - How to do it?

Where there is a will there is a way. An age-old proverb that provides perspectives on our products or services effectively. There are some qualities that the brand-building process expects us to have. Some of the required qualities are the tendency to grow, integrity, and trust. Are these qualities sufficient? Even the structure of the great brand has come down to shackles due to the absence of these qualities. The most effective strategy to build a supreme brand is the most necessary one. How do we find the most necessary strategy? We need to be strong in our values surrounding the product or the service, we need to grow at every instant, we need to be alert with the competitors, and we need to be aware of each and everything from politics to economics concerning the brand. Is it possible to do that? Well, it has to be. Nobody even dreamt about AI in the 19th century. The journey is the most interesting thing and not the destination. Let’s always focus on the process.

Let us discuss a list of aphorisms that explains the process of building effective brands:

1) He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how

A famous quote by Nietzsche, the very first step of brand building is to know the meaning of your company. Why does the company exist? This way will show us the path toward building an effective brand.

2) Design is the silent ambassador of your brand

Branding is not the creative logo design, it is not the taglines. Brand designs are symbols of the brand entitled to interpretations. People love symbols that they understand. So, it is mandatory that your company’s symbol impact them to understand the brand.

3) Wise criticism always begins with Self-criticism

Before launching your brand, try to be critical of your views on the meaning of the brand. Make sure that you check yourself at every stage. The validity of your story is the most valuable thing in your brand. Let your instincts fight your ego and vice-versa.

4) I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times

Being known for a specific niche is always better than being a less known company for selling all the products or services. Your specificity decides your brand opinion. Your brand opinion defines your brand. Your brand defines your growth. Your growth defines your transformation. Your transformation decides the impact on the world.

5) Find someone who wants you as much as you want them

Your ideal customer is your business. Here, the demographics come into play. For example: If you are a digital marketing agency in Chennai, you have got to narrow down your demographics to smaller geographic areas in Chennai (For instance, becoming the most favourite digital marketing agency in Mogappair is our goal). Your brand must resonate in the small demographic area. Your ideal customers are your anchors. After finding the customer, you can feel parallel sync between you and them. Hence, the company can speak directly to them.

6) Consistency is the last refuge of unimaginative

Your consistency is like a bass guitar to a rock’n’roll band. They get noticed only in their absence. So, your meaning warrants you to practice what you preach. So never compromise on the consistency. Consistency is the best key not to let you out of the business.

With the insights provided, invest a majority of your money in marketing and the rest in branding. If you want to brand your company and use online marketing or offline marketing to make your company big, visit us at We make your business transform to unimaginable levels.

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