How to write marketable content for business growth?

Wondering how to write marketable content for your business? You’ve come to the right place. Let us start off with a short story. Winston Churchill pursued the British people to follow him into Europe’s biggest battle in 1940 by using words like “never surrender”, “aid each other”, “rescue”, and “liberation”. Yes, Words can be more powerful than you think. Want to find out more about words? Be my guest.

 Marketable content is fun to write. It tests the writer’s creativity and widens their knowledge of knowing people. To be precise, the writer has to view the world through the audience’s eye. People these days don’t read, they skim. They crave knowledge in the quickest way possible.

The writer who understands this basic concept is the hero in writing marketable content. Following are the points to be noted while writing content for marketing.

Please them, not you

Consider yourself as an attorney trying your best to please the Judge in front of you. In a courtroom, things work like ‘It’s not what happened, it’s what you can prove’. In writing marketable content, it’s not what you have in store, it’s about how you show them. Show them in a way that creates an air of curiosity, which will make them buy your product.

You’ve got 2 seconds

The internet world is cruel, it gives you just 2 seconds to prove yourself. An average reader on the internet comes into a webpage and judges the whole page by reading the first 4 words. Those 4 words are your heading. Good writers spend a big chunk of their time creating the right heading. It’s always wise to spend a considerable amount of time creating your headings and subheadings.

Empathize with your reader

For your content to reach a wider audience, you have to wear the reader’s hat, not the writer’s hat. You can be great at using witty slogans, phrases, and fancy words. But it may or may not work with an 8-year-old child. What you can do is, write for an 8-year-old, so that it is understood even by an 80-year-old. Also, the more readable your content is, the more chances for google to find it.

People want benefits, not features

For example, Steve jobs marketed the iPod by saying that it has a storage equivalent to storing 1000 songs, instead of saying it has a 5 Giga Byte storage. For an average music listener, ‘5 GB’ meant very little compared to ‘1000 songs.’ The feature here is 5 GB and the benefit of that feature is the 1000 songs.

            People generally are more attracted to the benefits a product provides than the features it offers. So, it is important to ask yourself the question “so what?” whenever you come across a feature of a product or service you write about.

The two P’s

Pain points and Power words are two of the most important aspects of writing marketing content. Pain points are specific problems faced by customers in their respective fields. The writer can help them solve those issues.

 Over a period of time, great leaders used powerful words to lure their audiences towards them known as self-promotion or promoting oneself. The same strategy is proven effective in writing marketing content. The more power words you use, the more emotional connection you get with your audience.

SEO writing

At the end of the day, you are writing to engage more clients, increase traffic to your website, and gain more leads. For that, you have to bring your site to the first page in the organic search results. This is where SEO writing enters the arena. SEO writing can be simply explained as pairing high quality copies with targeted search terms. While writing content for marketing purposes, it is crucial to include the right search phrases people use on the internet for their desired search.

Find your bubble

It is very important to find your happy spot for writing. That way you can create a bubble where the outside world cannot disturb you. Creativity comes to people in their own way. The sooner the writer finds their bubble, the sooner they are going to get better. Let your brain be too busy being breathtaking.

I hope this article helps you in bettering yourself, to write marketable content in the same way Eucto helps businesses better themselves.

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