Creative Agency or How I fell in love with the business and be pretentious about creativity?

Chapter1: Creativity is neither a tragedy nor a farce, but just a stream of consciousness

Facing the target compelled by the business owners, creative agencies (people) stood naked in front of the irrationality posed in front of the market. What might happen to creativity then? Does creativity disintegrate to pieces or will there a new sensibility that gets emanated and manifest harmony? Is business hard enough to whack the creative minds into a labyrinth of impossibility?

Being creative is a state of mind dealing with microscopic observations. Despite appearing to be contradictory,  a business model is surprisingly not on the other end. It’s just that the ends do not meet each other in some instances. The result of the creative process is qualitative and deals with sensation, feeling, intuition and contemplation. On the other hand, the result of a business process is purely quantitative as it deals with numbers. Irrespective of the contradictory nature, they somehow cross their paths in some places. It is the process where they two meet. The business process is always qualitative. Let’s analyze the areas where business and creativity are allies, enemies, and strangers.

David Ogilvy - When creativity and business become allies

Let’s forget the title. This blog is not about David Ogilvy. Titles can be an illustration to bring your mind immediately to the place. Can business and creativity be allies? In most cases, they do act as allies or at least they pretend to be or whatever. What is creativity?

For example, can we define creativity to the digital marketing industries in Chennai? Einstein tells us that if we cannot explain a concept to a six-year-old, then we are not aware of the concept itself. I hope that we cannot explain it to anyone in a proper way because we cannot know creativity. We cannot cheat people by telling them that we can teach creativity. Creativity is learned only without preaching and teaching. It is a state of mind to look at things more closely, formed from the energy of the conscious psyche sometimes and the unconscious psyche many times. It might be a product of an amalgamation of genetic transmutation, collective unconscious, physical and psychological synchronicity, or maybe as a structured flow as when great creators and designers explain their methods. What is a business? It is a way to sell products and services to people. With a naive mind, we take up business to be a means of selling the product or service. But the actuality is quite different. It is not just about selling. Business is about selling a product or service with values, emotions, and instincts. We can never forget the cowboy in a mule holding the Marlboro cigarette. We can never forget the Amul dairy cartoons on the muddy streets of Gujarat. Every time we buy a milk product from Amul, we immediately feel the kids, with chubby cheeks living their lives. What is so great in kids? Everybody can relate to the kids. So, just selling the product would never impact people like the impact that Marlboro or Amul had created on people’s minds. It is still engraved in people’s minds today and will win the test of time. So this puts us into a question? What do we need apart from selling the product or service to sell them? Here, the term branding comes. Branding is an abstract concept that disintegrates the gap between business and creativity. Branding is the impact that the receiver of your product or service has on you. How is creativity imparted here? Does creativity apply only to the branding aspect of a business? Of course not. Creativity happens to be a lifestyle rather than a quantifiable concept. The paradigm shift of the technology revolution has made us define what creativity is and has seldom guided us to unlearn the means to attain creativity. Coming to the question of how creativity gets imparted to business, a business is a thought, and so is creativity. Creativity is a thought that remains after we cut away all the thoughts from it. I hope many business owners might agree with the definition of a business mentioned above. At the core of conception, they both merge and form a union to make money, solace, or whatever it is. Abstraction in creativity leads to curiosity. Abstraction in both conventional and digital business after the conception might lead you bankrupt. The process of obtaining precise thought remains the same. As the river diverges, it goes through different trajectories and meets the sea. Though the rain that created both rivers remains the same, the rivers run through a different course to reach the sea. Finally to define what creativity is. Creativity is the particular truth of the creator obtained from observations of the physical, sociological, and psychological world which are in themselves interrelated.

So, how could two things having alike differ so much?

Van Gogh's Starry Night painting is worth more than 111 million US dollars. Did Van Gogh Know about that?

The art curators and patrons say that the famous painting Starry Nights by the Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh might be worth 111 million dollars by 2021. People are ready to commission the artwork at prizes that one would imagine to be a ridiculous amount for a canvas. Ad campaigns are in the hands of the curators. Whenever the buyer agrees or the contract term of the current buyer gets over, the curators and art critics run huge prints and digital ad campaigns to bring it back to the world and make people aware of the news that starry night is going to be sold at the specified price. As people have been more fascinated with owning or possessing the work than observing the work of a genius, someone buys it at even higher prices. Van Gogh would probably never know of these things. Buying the starry nights using the capital of the whole world might prove nothing but a disgrace to the man Van Gogh who wanted to live a simple life looking at the peasants, listening to their stories, crying for their hardships, shot himself to death in the end. The numbers can never explain the state of mind of a creator. Can this 111 million dollar value suggest one bit about why he cut his ear off? Maybe they could bring this story to life and make people buy it at a higher price. Of course, we need money to live. We can’t live a life without numbers. The perspective mentioned above is not a Tyler Durden nihilism, or a Lao Tzu spirituality through immediate beauty. When the business takes over the creative minds, targets come into play, numbers impact the business. But what happens when the lack of numbers tends to attack the business, which in turn might induce pressure on creativity?

Creativity is about time, space, and emotions intertwined in a set of googol combinations. On the other hand, for a business agency or a business, the company is about getting the numbers with the right quality of impact on people to secure the numbers in the future. Of course, businesses have brought about cultural changes, which have impacted art and changed the perception of the creative people belonging to the next generation. Every marketing agency has used the aspect of interoperability between the creative process and business as a means of making the business successful. These strategies have proved successful because of some similarities or interdependence between the creative process and the business process. The microscopic thought process of the creative conception in art becomes the strategy for successful businesses as they did look into the audience, product, and service from the microscopic lens. However, Eucto, as a business transformation agency tries to find the similarities between the creative process and business process, we cannot agree that creativity and business differ in the final value. Scaling up one for the other will always make them drift apart. The best way to run a business is to balance the two opposites and look into them as the same entity leading through different paths to lead to a river.

When Bill Gates and Robert Frost travel the roads...

When a great business owner and poet travel, they travel the same route yet they don’t. Despite their thoughts being culturally, aesthetically, and genetically similar, they culminate in telling different stories. Apart from the same lineage, they don’t have anything in common to share the story of the experience. Let’s not compare who is great and who is not. When business collides with creativity, there might be repercussions between the two. They have different paths. They get similar in some instances and differ in others warranting us to look into these with deep eyes and look for simple solutions. The greatest thing in a democratic world is that everybody has the freedom to provide their thoughts. So when business owners interact with creative people, exceptional ideas are shared. At some point, they might synchronize to run a business that doesn’t lack creativity. The inherent responsibility of understanding each other becomes lucid after understanding the thoughts of the different minds interwoven together. Some business agencies use this beautiful contradiction between one another. Harmony comes into play only after the melody in the base anchors the melody in the treble without trembling and manifesting beauty.


At Eucto, we have a synergy providing a vital means to create diversified ideas and a business eye to scale up the numbers with value. Visit our website and get insights on digital marketing, content marketing, and everything that you know about (Anandh Rao)

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