An Interview with our video editor

A video is a scene, music and message for most. But when a video editor watches a video, it’s stripped and scrutinized brutally before they are deemed okay. A video editor stops time, replays past, and connects events to play with your emotion. Here are a few questions our celebrated video editor, Deepak, whose aspirations come from the Hollywood biggies, answers and who leads our video team. Learn about the creative talent in Eucto and it has a little for budding video editors as well. 

What is video editing according to you?

           Video editing is a tool to alter videos as per our requirements. I consider it to be an art form since it combines the editor’s skills and knowledge to produce the desired result. There is various software for video editing. The most used ones are Adobe Premiere Pro, Final cut pro, and DaVinci Resolve. 

What are the cuts in a video?

There are many types of cuts in Video Editing. Some of the most prominent ones are, 

  1. Hard cut – This is one of the most used tools in Video editing. It means cutting from one scene to another. 
  2. Crosscut – This is the practice of cutting between subjects in a scene. This cut is widely used in movies during phone conversations. 
  3. Jump cut – This cut is used to leap forward in time. This is done to show the most valuable sequences in a scene.
  4. Cutaway – This cut is used when the movie maker wants to sync the information between two entirely different scenes.
  5. Match cut – This cut is used when the movie maker wants to show a similar action with a different message in two different scenes. 
  6. Contrast cut – This cut is widely used to show emotions including sadness, joy, and empathy. 
  7. J and L cut – In the J cut the audio precedes the video. In L cut audio succeeds the scene.
  8. Montage cut – It shows the montage of events that happened in a significant amount of time in a short duration. 

What do you see in a video apart from the cuts?

We look for an emotional touch that connects with the audience. We find the best ways to attract customers to the products with that touch point. The videos are created with campaigns, social media engagements, traffic, and the target audience in mind. 

Do you think creativity gets hurt when you work according to a requirement?

No, Video making is creative no matter what you do it for. The requirement just pushes us to work more creatively. I have had the chance to experiment with editing with various cuts as well like Match cuts, Montage, J cuts, and L cuts.  

Why has video editing become so in demand?

Video editing has become high in demand for many reasons. In the age of social media, people are constantly sharing videos and want to make them look their best. Additionally, with the rise of online video content, businesses are increasingly looking for professionals to create and edit videos for their websites and marketing materials. There is also a growing demand for video editors in the film and television industries. As the industry continues to evolve, video editors are needed to create ever-more complex and visually stunning productions.

Why Animation can be a Game-Changer in the Digital Marketing industry?

Most people in the Digital Marketing industry use flat animations, but we at Eucto use advanced technologies including 2D, 3D, and stop motion animations. Using animations can be more budget-friendly than video production. Also, one can show emotions more flawlessly, which in turn fulfils client expectations. 

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