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Adhiam is a leading manufacturer of heat transfer products such as Plate Heat Exchangers, Spiral Heat Exchangers, and Air Cooled Fluid Coolers. With a well-equipped factory for manufacturing, assembly, and servicing in Chennai and Pune, Adhiam has been serving the heat exchanger industry for over two decades. Their experienced team of engineers ensures the highest quality products and services to meet customer needs. Additionally, Adhiam has a factory in Tamil Nadu dedicated to Electrolyser manufacturing.

Adhiam’s mission is to deliver the right solutions to customers every time, ensuring complete satisfaction in the work process. They prioritize quality, environmental responsibility, and providing a supportive working environment for employees. Their vision is to become a reputed supplier for plate heat exchangers and electrolyzers, offering international quality products and services with a focus on customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability.


Adhiam values reducing costs through competitive pricing, collaborative teamwork, a customer-first approach, employee skill improvement, and environmental responsibility.

Client Objective:

EUCTO, a digital transformation agency, partnered with Adhiam to help achieve their vision in terms of digital marketing. Specifically, the objective was to generate verified leads in the UAE market.


Through the strategic implementation of digital marketing initiatives, Adhiam achieved remarkable results:

20 Verified Leads: Adhiam successfully generated 20 verified leads from potential customers in the UAE within just one month, exceeding expectations.

Increased Brand Visibility: Adhiam’s brand visibility and presence in the UAE market significantly improved, leading to enhanced brand awareness and recognition.

Positive ROI: The digital marketing efforts resulted in a positive return on investment (ROI) for Adhiam, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategies implemented by EUCTO.


By leveraging the expertise of EUCTO and implementing a tailored digital marketing strategy, Adhiam successfully achieved its objective of generating 20 verified leads in the UAE market within a month. This accomplishment not only contributed to Adhiam’s growth and expansion but also reinforced their position as a reputable supplier in the heat exchanger industry. Moving forward, Adhiam remains committed to delivering exceptional products and services while continuing to partner with EUCTO for ongoing digital marketing initiatives.

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