Job Description

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Job Title

Data Analyst




IT and Development


Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Kolkata.

Employment Term

Full Time

Reports To

Project Head

Roles & Responsibility:

  • Understand and elaborate the use case.
  • Create blueprints, solution architecture using machine learning models.
  • Experience in building datasets for computer vision tasks
  • Design the solution and create the code base to train, test and evaluate the models.
  • Create inference modules for the ready models.
  • Create endpoints and APIs to use the inference function of the machine learning models.
  • Train the models in local and/or cloud environments such as AWS, Azure and GCP.
  • Deploy the models and APIs to cloud or edge devices


  • Experience in using Text and CNN models in Machine Learning
  • Computer vision: text recognition and machine vision 
  • Natural Language Processing, content extraction, classification, machine translation, text generation 
  • Open CV, Tesseract, Tensor Flow and similar open source technologies 
  • Python, Pytorch, SQL, Sage maker, Numpy, Pandas, Keras, Random Forest, XG-Boost and similar experience with supervised image classification techniques

Education Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s in Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Data Science, Computer Science or equivalent field, with 3 years’ industry experience.


  • Minimum 4 Years to Maximum 6 Years

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