An honest approach to Tech Solutions Implementation

The world today is empowered with technological innovations. Technology has infiltrated every aspect of human life. Most importantly, technological solutions for business through automation of business processes and analytics has significantly boosted productivity.

Although there is an abundance in the products and service providers, many businesses are unable to adapt to or acquire the right technology as there is a gap in providing the right technology solutions suitable for every business model.

Eucto as part of eTech offers technology solutions by

  1. Identifying the gaps that prevents the user from implementing an appropriate technology solution by answering “WHAT has gone wrong” and “WHY it has gone wrong”.
  2. Offering a productive, efficient, and cost-effective service or product by answering “How to fix the issue”.

What Has Gone Wrong?

  1. Major small/medium scale software industries are unable to bring IT projects to smooth closure.
  2. non-IT core industries end up investing on software products or services that remain unused or used ineffectively.

Why It Has Gone Wrong?

The root cause of a technology product or service not being delivered or used appropriately is derived from both the client and the technical team.

Software Development

  1. Providing Unrealistic timelines

In order to satisfy the client or acquire a project, unrealistic timelines are set without planning the functional and non-functional requirements for implementation.

  1. Unattended Requirements phase

The requirements phase is the most crucial phase in software development life cycle where the functional requirements for the project has to be clearly planned and documented. In addition to it, the non-functional requirements such as the good user experience, ease of operating the software, and ease of deriving analytics required by the client also needs to be planned and documented.

  1. Periodic review with client

Periodical review with the client has to take place to ensure that the project implementation is in alignment with client expectation.


  1. Lack of technical documentation and KT


The attrition of developer resources is common where technical documentation of the software implementation details and knowledge transfer of the same plays a crucial role without which the new developer resources brought in end up investing more time to get hold of the project’s technical architecture.


Shortfall of Clients

  1. Lack of knowledge of the need for right software product

This is the most common scenario where both the development team and client end up wasting resources and time in building the wrong product.



  1. Changing Requirements

As a result of the above, clients keep changing the requirements resulting in project implementation delay.


  1. Lack of UAT signoff

User Acceptance Testing and sign off is very crucial to obtain confirmation from the users that the software works in alignment with the user requirements.


How do we resolve these?

We have categorized clients in need for software products/services based on the following factors


Clients in need of a software solution
  • Documenting Requirements and sign off.
  • Define realistic Project Timelines based on resource availability and cost
  • Define Wireframes/prototypes which outlines the UI/UX of end product
  • Implementation as per the timelines
  • Provide User Training
  • Pilot Implementation
  • Launch
  • Ongoing Maintenance and support with realistic Timelines based on resource availability and cost
  • Documenting all the above
Clients Owning a product/service but using it inefficiently.
  • User Training for efficient use of the product
  • User Manuals for quick reference
Clients in need of process improvement/process reengineering
  • Identifying the purpose of an online system to achieve the desired outcome and the end user in mind while implementing a new system
  • Eliminating redundancy in the existing process and refining the process workflow
  • Six sigma DMAIC and DMADV frameworks are used for process improvement/reengineering

SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) is a set of processes essential for developing any software. There are different SDLC models used by projects based on software requirement, timelines and resources.

An honest approach to Tech Solutions Implementation- AGILE

We follow the AGILE SDLC Model, for software implementation through an iterative and incremental approach. This approach is adaptive in making changes to the functional requirements immediately.

  • Documentation is the key to any technology solution implementation in terms of preserving the software features to work as intended and taking it forward for upgrades/enhancements.
  • Requirements need to be documented to validate against the implemented features.
  • Implementation timelines and sources need to be documented well for the technical team to continue implementation, enhancement and support
  • Test plan documentation are critical to identify, track and fix the technical issues iteratively.
  • Revision documentation are important for project enhancements.
  • In brief, we understand the client’s needs for business transformation, analyse the technology solution required, implement it, and sustain it for a sustained business growth.

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