Whom to delight? Healthcare sector has the most dynamic and emotionally charged environment due to the patients with different needs and mindsets. A4 hospital & Fertility Center is no different as patients walk in with multiple requirements and greater expectations to become happy parents. At Eucto, we understood that it is imperative to delight these [&hel

A highly productive non-competitive workplace A 30-year-old organisation with 450 employees and pioneer in organic fertilizers, Linga chemicals, is a Madurai based organisation in manufacturing sector and the market leader. Loyalty, the core of this organisation, is the binding factory and anybody can smell integrity and trust in this organisation. Employees wo

What gets measured gets managed Hybrid Animations, an emerging start-up in the media industry, is growing at a rapid pace with 30 employees. At Eucto-people, we have great bunch of agile workforces who get all excited to clinch a complex project with tough deadlines. Hybrid Animation business model was one such project for us. In […]

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